Give yourselves a triumphant pat on the back for everything you have achieved during the first week of the 3rd lockdown. Weather it be home schooling your children, working from home, running a business and home schooling your children or being a key worker and your children are at school.

Each family are different and we do what is right for our own families, so please don't judge others instead celebrate our achievements during this unusual time. Well done to you all you're all incredible. "We are in the same storm sailing in different boats"

For those of you that I haven't had the pleasure to meet yet. I am also a preschool practitioner, so I thought I would add some ideas of what you may like to do with your under 5's based on their learning outcomes although this can apply to all children.

1. Using a paintbrush or their fingers and draw lines and circles in the snow/flour. This strengthens your childs fingers for when they begin to write in the correct hand position.

2. Use resources for example cardboard boxes, the sofa, blankets and lego to create a farm, a dinosaur land or a fairy land along with small figures to enable them to use their imagination and lead the play.

3. Using your recycling to create music tap out a rhythm and ask your child to copy you, then dance along to he music you have created.

4. Draw or create using pasta your child's face and then progress to asking your child who they live with and draw or create those people.

5. Counting objects first start counting 1-5 then 1-10 by pointing to each object prompting your child to repeat after you.

6.During your exercise outside try geocaching. You need to download the geocaching app before you leave the house its a outdoor treasure hunt loved by all ages including adults.

I hope this helps, if you would like anymore ideas please use the contact form and I will send you a FREE copy of my activities sheet.

Stay safe

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Updated: Jun 24, 2020

This is a question i get asked frequently.

The simple answer is, whichever way feels the most comfortable.

The long answer is........ these are the questions i will ask.

Is there a particular way you hold hands together when out walking. This may be as a couple or a child and a grand/parent. If the answer is yes then this is your way to hold hands for your casting.

Its slightly different for families, while we go on the basis we want you to be as comfortable as possible there are other factors to consider. These are how many people are there and if we have any wiggly children so they can hold hands with an adult. If you are having a classic hand casting family casting, we start with the two people in the centre and build around them to ensure everyone hands are on show. Dont worry we help with placing your hands.

If you are having a vase casting or a family links casting we will direct you how to place your hands for the desired effect.

While we haven't covered all the castings in the blog, these are our most popular. If you have an idea of a hand casting you would like please send us a message through the contact us form and we will get back to you.

Would you like to find out how you could receive your casting FREE?

Send a message through our contact form with the heading FREE CASTING.

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